“That which cannot be bought or sold is in the spring of our step, it’s in a smile,

 or a kindness passed along. Just as we shrink or distance ourselves from negativity,

we lean toward good. It’s simple…just begin.”


-Scott Seldin, Mentoring Human Potential (iUniverse, 2011)




Welcome to Explorations of Spirit and Creativity, created to provide a community gathering place where Santa Feans can deepen the practice of their spirituality and creativity through participation in an ongoing series of eight interactive explorations, featuring La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker. Each of the eight explorations is designed to contribute in a unique way to the spiritual and creative life of Santa Fe.




Join us! You will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living, 505 Camino De Los Marquez, Santa Fe, not far from Trader Joe's. where all of our events will be held. Check this page for dates and times.




I am Scott Seldin, a long-time resident of Santa Fe, with extensive experience as an educator, author, workshop presenter, and personal development coach. I created Explorations of Spirit and Creativity to offer interactive immersions into two subjects that are central to the character of Santa Fe.


Working with La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker, our co-presentations explore the challenges, mystery, and potential of spirituality and creativity.


About La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker:  


Láné has been an oracle, healer, spiritual teacher and environmental guardian for more than 40 years. From the earliest age, Láné has known she was to work on behalf of the environment.  Born in 1953 of mixed heritage, a Jewish mother and Yaqui father, Láné was exposed early in life to a variety of religious and spiritual traditions. At the age of 5, La'ne' received a vision where she was given a choice of following a spiritual path or achieving wealth and fame. She chose the path of wisdom.


In 1987, after 5 years of searching, Láné met her main teacher Tu Moonwalker, who was the holder of an unbroken medicine lineage. Láné is an acknowledged part of that lineage, inclusive of earning the Moonwalker name. She herself comes from a lineage of healers through her Yaqui grandmother.  Working with Tu helped Láné to manifest her vision to train teachers, healers, oracles, and ministers under the umbrella of environmental guardianship. Together they founded the Philosophy of Universal Beingness within the Whole, which has as its foundation peaceful coexistence and working with nature in a sacred way. Láné is a Reverend Canon through the Brigade of Light.


In the last few years, Miss Láné has been invited to travel internationally; in 2013 she traveled to Japan through the Global Peace Initiative for Women, at the Awakening the Heart Conference. In 2015 she traveled to New Zealand as part of a cultural exchange with the Maori people.




• Veils of Identity and Self-Awareness

• Mind, Body, Emotions,and Spirit

• Getting to Our Authentic Self

• The Heart of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude

• Your Motivation to Do, Have, and Be the Person You Need and Want to Be

• Love Minus Zero

• The Reach of Meditation, Prayer, and What Is

• Living Life and Approaching Death with Consciousness and Spirit




Here, in brief, is what led me to create Explorations of Spirit and Creativity.


We who live in Santa Fe and love living here know the many reasons why our city is called the 'City Different.' The natural beauty is breathtaking. Just look around: the vast sky, the ancient landscape, the sacred mountains. As Maynard Dixon says: "You can't argue with those desert mountains -- and if you live among them enough -- like the Indian does -- you don't want to. They have something for us much more real than some imported art style."


We are called the City Different for our mountains, our Southwest cultures, our adobe buildings, great restaurants, shops, and hotels, our hundreds of art galleries. But we are also the city different because of something that drew us here and keeps us here, or has kept us here for generations -- a  sacred spirit  that fills the deepest part of us. Santa Fe: Holy Faith.


Living in Santa Fe, we are affected by Spirit's invisible but powerful presence in our everyday lives.  Regardless of whether or not we are consciously on a spiritual path, spirit awakens us to something infinitely beyond our human reach or control. And yet we continue to reach for it. And we're rewarded for our effort. D.H. Lawrence wrote that in New Mexico, a "new part" of his soul "woke up suddenly" and "the old world gave way to the new."


Many of us living in Santa Fe actively seek this awakening. Explorations of Spirit and Creativity is designed to support our community's efforts to live consciously and creatively, in alignment with the teachings of our spiritual path, inspirited as creative human beings. Each interactive exploration stirs insights and self-reflections that heighten our motivation to live the spiritual, creative life we seek.




Scott Seldin



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