I am a certified Personal Development Coach with a depth of experience gained from  seventeen years working as a communications facilitator and personal development coach. The people I have coached have been diverse; each has had  unique  life challenges, strengths and vulnerabilities, Some have had disabilities that were a central challenge of each day.


Over the years, I discovered that I had great success coaching people with disabilities, most recently, a young adult on the autism spectrum.  I work with him three times each week, four and a half hours a day. His mother writes the following on my behalf:


"Scott Seldin has been working with our son, Cooper, since early December, 2016. During that time, his responsibilities have included spending time with Cooper doing a wide variety of activities, including bowling, eating lunch out, watching movies, hiking, helping Cooper seek and obtain volunteer work. During all of that time, Scott has worked his own special brand of magic in helping Cooper work through some of his difficulties with social interaction and emotional development.


Scott is very patient and engaged with Cooper whenever he is with him. His experience as an academic and personal development coach at the College of Santa Fe has prepared him to provide Cooper with the appropriate support for whatever Cooper is working through. The proof is in the pudding -- Cooper has made significant progress during his time working with



I can confidently recommend Scott in his work with young adults with disabilities."


Lauren Hunt


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In my book, Mentoring Human Potential, I presented an excerpt from a sermon given by a student with cerebral palsy whom I coached and mentored at the College of Santa Fe. "Having a disability is challenging but it shouldn't lead to a depressed life. However, it often does because of the mindset people without disabilities have towards people with them."


"A friend and mentor, Scott Seldin, suggested I  write a piece entitled 'The Disability of Love. ' I was intrigued by the concept. We all have a disability, whether we know it or not, accept it or reject it. It is the need for love. The lack of awareness we bring to our inability to love is the disability that haunts us all. It is the common ground of life."


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Coaching fees are $50/hour, increasing to $125 for a four and a half hour session.


Call 505.466.2878 to schedule a free, forty-five minute introductory conversation.


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Participants in Explorations of Spirit and Creativity may want to explore one or more topics with me as their coach. Or they may want to discuss other topics.


If you want to work with me individually, you can shape our coaching sessions by continuing to explore any or all of the eight Explorations of Spirit and Creativity.


• Veils of Identity and Self-Awareness

• Mind, Body, Emotions,and Spirit

• Getting to Our Authentic Self

• The Heart of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude

• Your Motivation to Do, Have, and Be the Person You Need and Want to Be

• Love and Our Circle of Alliances

• The Reach of Meditation, Prayer, and What Is

• Living Life and Approaching Death with Consciousness and Spirit


You may also choose to add any of the following related coaching topics:


• Your goals, and life purpose

• Your values and core beliefs

• Habits that help, habits that harm

• Your seven-day plan

• Thoughts, emotions, actions

• Intention and persistence

• Leadership skills

• Communicating with heart; listening with generosity

• Attitude; resiliency; empathy; intuition

• Improving relationships

• Keeping all agreements, explicit and implicit

• Problem solving; mediating conflict

• Your decision-making process

• Your network of support


If you have coaching topics you would like to add to the ones I've mentioned, please let me know and we will include them.


Scott Seldin

Certified Personal Development Coach


Approved program of the International Coach Federation


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